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The Unlikely Springboard

The question …

Is not why they hate you

For hate has been present through the ages.

Rather, the preferred inquiry should be

Will you allow such hate, to pin you down

Wallowing deep into the abyss of self-pity.

Or propel you, onto motivation’s pathways

Undeterred, in continuous pursuit of your dreams.

Choose wisely…  for your life

Is worth the best effort you can muster on its behalf

Rather than dwelling with such draining negativity.

YemilBenjoy Copyright September 2012

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Yea, what will be will be.
Everything transpires on course
And within the greater cause.
All things happen amid its scope
Even if we embrace idle’s comfort
Or strive from dawn to dusk.
For fate and destiny eternal vigil keep
All events predetermined within their will.
Thus, could it be beyond our means and power
To change that which must come to pass.
Since, what will be will surely be.

Yet the human quest is not hapless
Neither is it limited by vain venture.
For ensconced in the script of the ordained
Lie boons intended to foist and assist
The spirit in transcending heights and adversity.
Perhaps, shifting the seemingly immutable,
Or perhaps, simply fulfilling that meant to be …
All still as aspects encompassed, within that realm
And continuum of providential existence.
YemilBenjoy Copyright 1994.

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