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Hello Life

So I sit and wonder why

Then I stand and contemplate how.

I take a walk, and consider what next

And, I wonder and wonder when

All things will align perfectly in my dream.

Yet, fail to take the steps forward to claim

That which is in the realm of all possibility…

Or even dare consider opportunities within the

Scope that appears daunting because of the unknown.

Then awakening becomes reality for alas  ’tis I, myself,

In earnest, that must welcome my life anew and with

Warm embrace not as an occasional guest, but

As the very essence of my existence, with unyielding

Determination, to explore and surge forward indeed,

And to labour in hope towards that ever present dream.

For it is but true, that I must cultivate me, wholeheartedly.


YemilBenjoy ©

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Reflect Nigeria – The Right To Live …

Is an inalienable right of every human being.

Not simply because it is reinforced in documents

Or exalted by the pedestal of conscience and morality.

No, the right exists for all humanity, every one.

Even if it is not committed to writing.

dress pic

And contained within the essence of that right,

Is indeed the right to pursue one’s dreams

To the magnitude of their possibilities

Irrespective of one’s gender, and this right

Extends to all, including all young girls

Innocently pursing their dreams amid

The seemingly innocent halls of their school.

Save our girls.

YemilBenjoy ©

Thus, all girls like the rest of humanity

Are entitled to live their lives

And to pursue their own dreams


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Activate The Promise

Have you awoken your dreams lately, and beckoned

Intently to arouse them from their often slumber deep, to

Transform them from the somnolent stage to tenacious form

If not, the hour has but urgently dawned …

To have a forthright conversation with those dreams

Towards, claiming the full potential of their promise,

Stirring them beyond the dormancy of prolonged vagueness,

Henceforth, employing diligent measure, to invest in active industry

To crystallize the reality of resolute and tangible propulsion,

And earnestly, cause them to yield on your behalf, actual dividend.


YemilBenjoy ©

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Dreams Magnified

The span of life is not boundless . . .

Therefore, with all determination

Pursue your dreams, and resolve to climb

The mount Everest of your dreams.


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Nurture Not Complaining

Nurture not the practice of complaining

For it is but an anchor for stagnation,

Within which, withers due promise of hope,

Causing thereby, the gradual demise of motivation,

That otherwise, would have found abode to

Flourish towards the fulfillment of dreams.

YemilBenjoy ©

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The Unlikely Springboard

The question …

Is not why they hate you

For hate has been present through the ages.

Rather, the preferred inquiry should be

Will you allow such hate, to pin you down

Wallowing deep into the abyss of self-pity.

Or propel you, onto motivation’s pathways

Undeterred, in continuous pursuit of your dreams.

Choose wisely…  for your life

Is worth the best effort you can muster on its behalf

Rather than dwelling with such draining negativity.

YemilBenjoy Copyright September 2012

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