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Benjoy’s Corner…Resumed


Victory is the impetus that sustains hope

While tis hope that  transforms the dreams

That propel one forward towards

The steadfast determination which paves

Pathways onward to accomplishments

Multiplying resultant victory into abundant success .

Thus dream, hope and stay the determined course to victorious success

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Benjoy’s Corner (3)

Acknowledge not only the grand successes of life …
Compliment yourself also on the simplest triumphs
Of life, so casually overshadowed by the routine.
For the definition of accomplishment rings constant
Whether of dimensions monumental or to the contrary.
For indeed, the sum total of life is the cumulative
Measure of the inherent victories of the moments of each day.

Embrace Life …

YemilBenjoy Copyright August 2012

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Exude before thou tread
All confidence in thy being.
Shew not timid spirit.
Yield not to intimidation
And favor not like fears.
But with courage, step forth
To empower thy very essence
As enduring and reliable shield
In triumph over this pilgrimage.
For they that with thee likewise walk
Are better not in measure than thee,
Nor entertain they less trepidation.

For in firm embrace coupled with
Stalwart conviction and boldness,
Some in diligence proceed forward
To succeed and conquer still.

Therefore in all things
Embrace fortitude
… And stride.

YemilBenjoy Copyright 1994.
(Modified 2012)

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