Sample Work


           For everything there is a purpose ...
           Sometimes certain things occur
           Perhaps of sudden, perhaps of not.
           And are accompanied by such untold grief
           That repeated contemplation deep,
           Offers no answers sought.
           Then the grief assumes unrelenting form,
           Whilst life continues without stopping a pause,
           To cradle the desperate mind in its despair.

           Yet for that tear, a smile shall linger still...
           Even though never-ending the bleakness appears.
           Seek solace amidst the comforting assurance,
           That faith will find its way to reappear
           And when quantified will surely multiply relief.
           For the Lord who knoweth the scope of all things
           Shall forever embrace thee in his grace,
           Surround you at all times with his love
           And assuredly … will by his mighty hand ease the pain.

                                               Yemisi Koya
                                               "Golden Poet"
						1995 ©

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