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Cherish Living

Cherish the living of each moment, before it

Dissipates within the elements of life…

For time, like a mirage fast fades steadily,

Evaporating as vapours into the mystic

Sphere of existence, while yet transforming

Into the elusive and abides no longer tangible.

But, yet when reflections court nostalgia

Those moments assume the poignancy

Of the present past, although not physical

Sufficiently powerful to cause revival of

The previous emotions accompanying

Certain times past in their original form.

Thus, as that which is gone has not the ability to

Attain the perceptible nature of its bygone era,

While it is present, earnestly treasure its value, to

Aid, not only the nurturing of the present moments

But the stimulating nature of the past and hope of the future.


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Benjoy’s Corner X-2

The Greater Endowment

The inestimable treasure of existence

Beyond all earthly measure, is the

Precious but limited gift of life.

Thus, it is but incumbent upon each

To nurture the bequest to the fullest

Dimension of its inherent potential

In honor of the opportunity to live.

Embrace the gift!

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Life Indeed

Although the reason for existence

May not have been fully elucidated,

To limit the questions abounding

About the essential and real purpose

Of this terrestrial realm we inhabit.

Yet, should time here be thus

Squandered in futile adventure

For lack of absolute clarity.

Nay, each moment as gift, apportioned

And confined, but not defined wholly

By destiny, should be explored diligently

To the breadth of its potential,

Lest we fail to grasp and accomplish

That which was our portion to receive

And the true meaning of life indeed.


YemiBenjoy ©

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Rob Thyself No More

To steal from one’s self is bad enough
But to procrastinate is the worst sort.
For time lost is never regained
Save through the futile guise of memory
And if it has been said too often
Surely it still will be repeated once still
“Procrastination is the thief of time”.

So make haste and don’t delay
Toil, labour with all your might today.
Let not the wily thief rob of you
What is more precious than gold.
For once that glorious sun sets today
No matter how hard we hope and pray
Another morning shall indeed dawn again.
YemilBenjoy © 1990.


YemilBenjoy Copyright 1990.

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The Riddle

One enigmatic aspect of this life …
May just lie within its illusive nature.
For certain, it is predestined for each
An allotted dimension with this sphere.
Without a shadow of a doubt, what is past
Lies wholly an irretrievable quota, and
Is dissipated within the winds of time,
Coupled with the continuing challenge
Of accomplishing the outstanding agenda
Within a future measure that is uncertain.

YemilBenjoy Copyright October 2012

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Yea, what will be will be.
Everything transpires on course
And within the greater cause.
All things happen amid its scope
Even if we embrace idle’s comfort
Or strive from dawn to dusk.
For fate and destiny eternal vigil keep
All events predetermined within their will.
Thus, could it be beyond our means and power
To change that which must come to pass.
Since, what will be will surely be.

Yet the human quest is not hapless
Neither is it limited by vain venture.
For ensconced in the script of the ordained
Lie boons intended to foist and assist
The spirit in transcending heights and adversity.
Perhaps, shifting the seemingly immutable,
Or perhaps, simply fulfilling that meant to be …
All still as aspects encompassed, within that realm
And continuum of providential existence.
YemilBenjoy Copyright 1994.

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Mystic Entity

Notions of the present
May simply amaze the past.
Even still, what the future holds
Certainly, may bewilder the present.

Yet, life surges forward in its form
Like the continuous motion with no end.
And, further through its elusive entity,
Its unknown essence, never failing to mystify,
Like the fading mirage, enhanced by distance
Whilst disappearing into the evening sun.

Nonetheless, its boundless beauty inspires
As it moves up the mountain tops,
And floats in gentle ripples across the seas.
Enticing, whence it springs forth in the meadows
Or from the blossoming delicate rose bud
Wherein life’s presence is apparent to see.

Even if the moment of the present
Is all that evident appears,
Life surely will stamp and distinguish
All of its times, be it the future or the past.
Thus, as it steadfastly moves along in plain sight
It may not be as mysterious as it seems.

YemilBenjoy. Copyright 1992 Updated 2012


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