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Reflect Nigeria – Sobering Contemplation

Alas, if the truth be acquitted unvarnished, incontrovertible evidence sadly illuminates the horrendous metamorphosis which has transformed, a horizon previously glistening in the iridescent glow of bountiful potentialities, to a darkened eclipse truly intransigently loathsome. The manacles of the woeful macabre have laid siege deep within the country’s essence and made abhorrent association with detestable orchestration rendering the national landscape a fragmented ruination of skeletal decay.

The “suffer suffer for world” that the iconic Fela sang about decades ago has too long taken permanent habitation in and afflicted the Nigerian existence. Compounding that, an additional tsunami of anguished disquietude has been foisted upon Nigerian people, the sovereign people. Now ensnarled, as if they are without viable antidote, in the improvidence of odious circumstance. Lament more, Nigeria.

The sense of security in the nation, long beguiled in the dissipated mirage of a fractured belief in platitudes and vacuous capabilities. The roads in certain areas incompatible with the present, atrociously impassable simulating footpaths in renditions of ancient folklore. The disequilibrium of the shredded financial milieu holding no promise for the economically battered, propelling scores who in alarming numbers continue to embark on the “Japa” voyage of the unending “Andrew” phenomenon. Hence eviscerating the country’s human capital and debilitating the family structure. The elderly now embracing forced solitude. Whilst their lineage steadily populate other jurisdictions, deterred from returning by the multiplicity of the detritus emanating from the vestiges of accountability, torridly puckered, and wantonly parading unbridled with putrid corruption, its abominable kin.

Households, where possible, assume the long-abdicated responsibilities of the government, generating electricity and drilling for or purchasing water to approximate the barest of normalcy. Some parents amid the realities of instability and concerns about the viability of educational standards spend fortunes abroad to bequeath their children sound education. Certain hospitals fail to dispense appropriate medical care maiming or killing patients with no apparent recourse. The judicial system, in part, has mortgaged its reputation in significant measure apparently sacrificing justice itself. The stupendous cost of living straddles as a fettered yoke across the neck of the homeland. Almost all cadre of workers in disillusionment embrace picket lines without appropriate relief. The rancid disintegration of the nation haplessly unfolds in continuous succession as time swiftly forges ahead rendering no aid to stagnant delinquency.

This calamitous heritage still appears not sufficiently perilous in dimension for the prostrated oppressed. For yet, cast as further inimical vice on the besieged people, are the dastardly queues appearing as ghoulish caricatures, to strangulate the already ill-fated and beleaguered. For upon their bitterly blighted countenance is thrust again, the convulsive quest for petrol, with the new ill-conceived appendage, the vanishing currency. Such seismic horror unleashed by the investiture of the asinine, miserably incapacitating the cumulatively assailed by virtue of their location on the globe. To the extent that tranquility, sustenance and various necessities elude expansive segments of the country in the abysmal spectrum of life.

And of such malevolent prejudice is the ruthless onslaught of the besiegement of the scarcity of cash, that Nigerians, languish in the elements, strip to their underwear or completely naked in banks in abject desperation attended by lamentation’s quest. Others in the company of mattresses embrace futile expeditions to the bank to await the illusory dispensation of cash. The convoluted distortion underscoring the trajectory of the misanthropic predicament has maliciously turned Nigerians into the classification of the ironic impoverished. Subjugated Nigerians impoverished, by the government mandated to assure their welfare, but now in the foreboding chapter of the chronicles of despair in the overwhelmingly fiendish scheme, are obligated to beg for their own money. A sardonic democracy!

In the peculiarity of the eccentricity residing within the geographic coordinates of the country, inflamed by the vacuum of the cash, incited Nigerians turn on fellow Nigerians, as cash starved citizens seek retribution against the instruments perceived as the purveyors of the recent dose of heightened oppression, the banks and their workers. Must employment lead to tactical maneuvering in great escapes to safety? What nature of perdition is this? The vagabond cash now exorbitantly traded in the market square as an essential commodity contravenes its own purpose. Catastrophe personified. Why? Where lie masked the perpetrators of these calamities? Who will compensate Nigerians for the ordeal of this perpetual hellish tribulation? Or does consensus abound that collective hides of Nigerians will withstand the ceaseless whipping of the gouged out and septic lacerations, drawing blood with each incisive blow. Even anguish itself, in amazement contemplates the longsuffering plight of Nigerians, transfixed.

How is this possible in a nation adorned with exceptional intellect and resources? What course of condemnation finds itself affixed to fabric of the nation cascading unrestricted and bereft of hope? Which accursed winds blow with such balefully tumultuous intentions across the land confiscating the future?

Nigeria, grid thy loins, as a great depression seemingly approaches. The failure of the state amid this precipitous decline, may elude rectification’s course, as the tide of recalcitrant destruction appears determined to reign embedded in the void of sustainable containment. 

For national survival, unadulterated stewardship, irreproachable accountability and unblemished transparency must ascend forth and prevail unshackled. Lest the apocalyptic inferno subsumes all, and mayhem cojoined with calamity embrace the pursuit of annihilation.

Ponder these…

Dr. Yemisi Solanke Koya, Esq.

Dated this 7th day of February 2023

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Reflect Nigeria… Revisited

In the midst of the suppurative stench that ails this nation…beyond the dilapidation of infrastructure, degradation of the environment, decay of morals and destruction of laudable standards, the perverted necessity to amass ill-gotten wealth, particularly that, with amorality, disseminated from the coffers belonging to all Nigerians, mostly now, maliciously downtrodden by the albatross of impossibly eking out the mirage of an existence amid the ruination perpetuated by the perniciously destructive boots of oppression, and then… to unconscionably disgorge such treasury, especially that which belongs to Nigerians, with calloused obscenity, while wantonly oblivious to the plight of those masses… with pervasive pungency, percolates to the apex of a putrid cesspool with resounding repugnance as a cause of incessant lamentation for the nation, which blessed with much, may have forged a different destiny, perhaps, yet gloriously etched, in the sands of time.
Reflect Nigeria, reflect…
Dated this 9th day of August 2020
Dr. Yemisi Solanke Koya, Esq.©

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Reflect Nigeria – Chibok Horror Compounded by Dapchi Terror!

Amid the darkness of the gloom

Nothing but despair abounds

In the wilderness of the arid

Drought of feigned existence,

Where no hope subsists,

Do the Chibok and now Dapchi girls find

The extreme disillusionment

Of persistent hopelessness,

That more time evading and counting

All hope, has but evaporated into

The disintegrating dust of time,

To where existence is meaningless,

And has the ironical value of the unrelenting

Real and abiding grief of total bondage and servitude.

Will nobody aid them still…

YemilBenjoy ©

Updated March 11, 2018

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Reflect Nigeria No Rooms to Confine Us…

Heehee… I don’t know which party my wife belongs but eh… she belongs to

MY kitchen and MY living room and the OTHER room…


The gravity of unfortunate utterances, sometimes

Echoes the enormity of cataclysmic regression, tragically

Rippling beyond the demeaning configuration of syntax

And sadly reverberating in fervent crescendo through the

Globalization of dissemination of instantaneous news,

Inauspiciously portends the oblique reality of the unfulfilled

Odyssey towards full recognition of all human rights.


Thus, a president’s commentaries, otherwise considered as

Conveying the solemnity of the advancement in optimism

By allaying fears, and elevating aspirations of a disconsolate populace,

Rather, diminish a gender, by electing to emasculate any vacillating

Progress, declared in accord with sacrosanct inalienable rights,

Further fragmenting the essence of meager hope, lying prostrate

In the forlorn vestiges residing within certain aspects of a nation.


As such, the sardonic words of the Nigerian President…

Paradoxically spoken to his female counterpart, miserably

Communicated to his citizens and the world, no respect,

But censoriously categorized the nation’s First Lady, by description,

To the ignominious equivalency of a belonging, a mere chattel,

Devoid of independence and human dignity, assigned by others, for

Their use to rooms, in which she neither owns nor has any property value.


Alas, the bell for social justice loudly tolls; to engage in concerted effort

The quest for reclamation of any tangible progress previously gained, and to

Negate the irreverent milestone propagated by the untoward vituperation

Which in derisive posture, attempts to devalue the essence of humanity and

Self-determination, freely bestowed on all, but is injudiciously circumscribed

By reprehensible might and circumstance; lest the downward degradation

Resonate in permanent habitation to the lasting detriment of all humanity.


Dr. Yemisi Solanke Koya Esq., Golden Poet ©

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Hope’s Hope

Hold not to the regret of yesterday

Rather in steadfast measure,

Cling to the promise of tomorrow.

For what futility of purpose does it serve,

To descend immobile, into the abyss of remorse

Yearning for what was lost or has not been,

More despair, in the company of bleakness.

Shake off the miserable melancholy and reverse

That energy into earnest utility, and towards

The unbridled optimism within the sphere of hope.


Yemil Benjoy ©


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The Black Death Saga Continues …

Sadly, the life expectancy of the black man

In America…

May be a few seconds to a few minutes

After he encounters the unbridled callousness of some police officers

Who somehow believe that the execution, in their uniform, of the black man

Without affording that life, the benefit of the right to a fair trail or

To be adjudged guilty, let alone the right to live,

Before the immediate imposition of a death sentence,

Is theirs in wanton disregard to deliver, rather than to protect,

Like the white life  afforded all benefits in similar or worse circumstances.

Question  me not … black man, do not ask me why I want to arrest you

How dare you speak to me, who do you think you are, do not breathe,

Do not talk, you better not look me in the eyes

Be careful, your life is my hands and I will snuff it out

And will probably get away with killing you …

Alas in a few fleeting moments…

The tragic truth is that the black life ends…


YemilBenjoy ©

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Reflect Nigeria – Encumbered Inheritance

Yet, public servants owe an unequivocal fiduciary duty
To serve, unreservedly as custodians faithful to the people.
But alas, some elected to serve to advance the nation
In diabolical measure violate the essence of stewardship, in
Blatant unabashed indifference to the canons of democracy.

For they, with and in wanton disregard contravene principles
Of oath of office, constitution they are sworn to uphold,
All concepts of morality and fundamental human decency.
When as albatross, on the neck of the populace, and as
Fettered chains, shackle Nigerians, to a legacy of the
Profundity of their ineptitude and voracious gluttony for
The wealth belonging to the masses and not to those who
By virtue of unfortunate circumstance, swarm the corridors
Of infamy, masquerading as an assembly of legislators.

For if it is not but malicious greed, how, when the citizens
Endure the harsh reality of increasing maternal and child mortality,
Diminishing optimism and five decades is the life expectancy;
Can some conjure up the unconscionable scheme of
Looting the national coffers in billions to buy 120 vehicles, in
A country, in 2016 where, citizens are condemned to the
Caricature of public transportation in flimsy contraptions with
No protection on the death traps camouflaging as roads,
The constancy of electricity is but a figment of a mirage,
Flowing portable water is as elusive as the illusion of progress
And education is at desperate and contemptible levels,
Causing the citizenry to lament the protracted despoliation
That has taken malignant root within the boundaries.

Forsooth, if the legislative contingent, in most despicable
Manner, embark upon an reprehensible conspiracy to
Deplete the community’s treasury while further subjugating
The masses under the scourge of oppression, ensuing from
Their seeming confusion, that contemptuous exploitation
Equates the proper discharge of their obligation, and that by
A mere outcome of an election, a custodian transforms into
An Illegal heir apparent, committed as vagabond to plunder
In discordant and unfathomable magnitude the funds of all.
Then the disconsolate and downtrodden masses should in
Concord, demand accountability with commensurate
Incarceration for those who breach the public trust through
Pernicious foolery and as pestilence foist a plague of despair
Upon those, who clutching to the promise within the veneer
Of a representative government, conclude disheartened
That the core assurance in the ideals of a democratic society
Has been violently decimated by the squandered fidelity.

Thus, the citizenry inherently vested with ownership of the
Collective resources and in whom the unabridged power
Of self-governance resides should with vigilance expose
In unwavering tenor, all the shameless decadence of officials
And every treacherous plot threatening the viability of the
Nation’s livelihood, until a crescendo peaks unabated, to revive
Uncontaminated justice, to rise as a refuge for the common people.
Dated this 24th day of January, 2016.

© Dr. Yemisi Solanke Koya, Esq.
Golden Poet



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Hello Life

So I sit and wonder why

Then I stand and contemplate how.

I take a walk, and consider what next

And, I wonder and wonder when

All things will align perfectly in my dream.

Yet, fail to take the steps forward to claim

That which is in the realm of all possibility…

Or even dare consider opportunities within the

Scope that appears daunting because of the unknown.

Then awakening becomes reality for alas  ’tis I, myself,

In earnest, that must welcome my life anew and with

Warm embrace not as an occasional guest, but

As the very essence of my existence, with unyielding

Determination, to explore and surge forward indeed,

And to labour in hope towards that ever present dream.

For it is but true, that I must cultivate me, wholeheartedly.


YemilBenjoy ©

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Benjoy’s Corner X-10: Define You

If you are trying to shield yourself from what people

Will think or may say about your life’s journey…

Alas, it is nothing but an exercise in futility.

For we have no control over their actions or speech.

Rather expend that energy investing in you

And thrive and on the inherent possibilities.

YemilBenjoy ©



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Fear’s Intrusion (Part I)

Vicious is the apparatus of fear…

For it descends upon you with such awful might

Either in stealth manner or by insidious descent

Then in persistent measure seeks to erode, should one

Permit it to take permanent abode within one’s essence,

The body of hope that ought to propel each one

Into the absolute realm of possibility and beyond despair.

Reject the albatross!

YemilBenjoy ©

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