True it is, age is similar to time.
For age like time shall surely come to pass.
Although some say in essence
That age is indeed time itself.
However ponder a beat and consider this
Their differences aren't too far off to see.                                        

Age perhaps is not as elusive as time
Because age often is somehow seen
In the eager eyes of the young.
And the graying hair of the old.
For though time ticks into hours and days,
That would be more difficult to see.

Now their differences seem a shade more apparent.
Still worthy of note, is the transcending fact, that
The accumulation of time encompasses age.
Thus though different and yet similar, and
In the same breathe they may appear
Of certain is one thing indeed
"Age is as inevitable as time"
 To that there is no doubt, my friend.                                        

                                        Yemil Benjoy

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