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Cherish The Times

Cherish each of the moments you live

And live to cherish the moments lived.

For it is but a short time given to all, within which

To embrace the gift in all its dimensions,

And make the best of the precious opportunity.

Rather than squander it in the hopelessness

Of despair and self-doubt, nay don ye the vest of

Steadfast courage and resolve undeterred to

Triumph and soar with the eternal winds of hope

Towards the promise of the fullness of life.

Therefore, my friend, minimize regret . . .

Love life, live free, be kind, and  live well.

YemilBenjoy ©

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Benjoy’s Corner…Resumed


Victory is the impetus that sustains hope

While tis hope that  transforms the dreams

That propel one forward towards

The steadfast determination which paves

Pathways onward to accomplishments

Multiplying resultant victory into abundant success .

Thus dream, hope and stay the determined course to victorious success

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Benjoy’s Corner (3)

Acknowledge not only the grand successes of life …
Compliment yourself also on the simplest triumphs
Of life, so casually overshadowed by the routine.
For the definition of accomplishment rings constant
Whether of dimensions monumental or to the contrary.
For indeed, the sum total of life is the cumulative
Measure of the inherent victories of the moments of each day.

Embrace Life …

YemilBenjoy Copyright August 2012

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