About the Writer

Multi-winner of the Golden Poet Award and guest contributor to Greater Poems of the Western World Volume II, Yemisi Solanke Koya is proud to present Wordz By Design.

Since the age of thirteen she has been fascinated with words, their meaning, and the construction of poetry and verse. For decades the writer has penned several poems on different aspects of life ranging from the diversity of nature, challenges, triumphs and special occasions. Her inspiration comes from family and life experiences.

She is particulary driven to assist people in capturing their emotions through words, thereby Wordz By Design. She looks forward to hearing from you!

Also, look for her under the names Yemsodu and Yemil Benjoy.

6 responses to “About the Writer

  1. Abioye Adepoju

    Would love to get in touch.

    • Fantastic Bioye! I would like to get in touch too, please send your email address.

      • Abioye Adepoju

        Hopefully u wld av seen my email. Just .nt leaving any stone upturned. Loads and lots av happened over d yrs. We need to catch up. Do u hear from Chinwe? Few yrs ago she said .ua one of d people she wild love to keep in touch wt.

  2. So true, not yet forgotten. We were all mortified to see his father’s name on the list. Well done my sister. Lai wo wee! As your illustrious bro would say many a time. ✋

  3. Bimbola Wright

    Food for thought as usual my dear sister.

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