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The Undeniable Impact of the Colour of Race

Handcuffed while black while waiting…


As such, #BoycottStarbucks

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Hello Life

So I sit and wonder why

Then I stand and contemplate how.

I take a walk, and consider what next

And, I wonder and wonder when

All things will align perfectly in my dream.

Yet, fail to take the steps forward to claim

That which is in the realm of all possibility…

Or even dare consider opportunities within the

Scope that appears daunting because of the unknown.

Then awakening becomes reality for alas  ’tis I, myself,

In earnest, that must welcome my life anew and with

Warm embrace not as an occasional guest, but

As the very essence of my existence, with unyielding

Determination, to explore and surge forward indeed,

And to labour in hope towards that ever present dream.

For it is but true, that I must cultivate me, wholeheartedly.


YemilBenjoy ©

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Benjoy’s Corner X-8

The Extraordinary Tutor

Life is the master teacher,

With no close comparison.

For its weathered volumes of old

Are full of chapters which still

Resonate so profoundly in the

Echoes of the present, and

Will assuredly direct many a

Contemplation in the future.

Of its varied and instructive lessons…

Thus, listen very carefully, and

Observe most intently, then apply

That only which life can impart

In positive measure appropriately.

Chart Your Course Wisely!

Yemil Benjoy ©

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Benjoy’s Corner X-1

Motivation Nonetheless

Condemnation by others …

May just be the ironical motivation

Required to transcend life’s challenges.

Therefore, my friend transform such to thy advantage.

YemilBenjoy ©

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