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Hello Life

So I sit and wonder why

Then I stand and contemplate how.

I take a walk, and consider what next

And, I wonder and wonder when

All things will align perfectly in my dream.

Yet, fail to take the steps forward to claim

That which is in the realm of all possibility…

Or even dare consider opportunities within the

Scope that appears daunting because of the unknown.

Then awakening becomes reality for alas  ’tis I, myself,

In earnest, that must welcome my life anew and with

Warm embrace not as an occasional guest, but

As the very essence of my existence, with unyielding

Determination, to explore and surge forward indeed,

And to labour in hope towards that ever present dream.

For it is but true, that I must cultivate me, wholeheartedly.


YemilBenjoy ©

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The Quest


Alas, amid the multitude of evolving scenes

And through the sum and schemes of life

None can make proud boast of this …

The ever perfect balance, between all forces

In constant tranquility of absolute concordance.

An all elusive mirage indeed.

For in life’s journey,

Of certain, there is no perfect script …

Thus, be not deceived to seek that fallacy.

Rather enhanced by faith, embrace real possibilities,

Explore life in full measure and with utmost integrity.

Above all, steady premium attach to private peace

For that can transcend the cascades of emotions

And transform the valleys of darkest despair,

While fortifying the soul, with courage from within

To find comfort in acceptable personal equilibrum

Sufficient to satisfy and propel the mind diligently onward.

                                                       Enduring peace I bid to you my friend …

Yemsodu Copyright 2012

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