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Reflect Nigeria – Chibok Horror Compounded by Dapchi Terror!

Amid the darkness of the gloom

Nothing but despair abounds

In the wilderness of the arid

Drought of feigned existence,

Where no hope subsists,

Do the Chibok and now Dapchi girls find

The extreme disillusionment

Of persistent hopelessness,

That more time evading and counting

All hope, has but evaporated into

The disintegrating dust of time,

To where existence is meaningless,

And has the ironical value of the unrelenting

Real and abiding grief of total bondage and servitude.

Will nobody aid them still…

YemilBenjoy ©

Updated March 11, 2018

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Sorrow Not Beyond Sorrow’s Due

When situation occasions agony
And sorrow’s pain tends to linger on.
Forbear prolonged lamentation,
Lest in triumph it thrives and flourishes
Overcoming all avenues for joy within.
For the sorrow nurtured and kept alive
Forever as a companion tends to stays beside…
While that disposed of, in time, dissipates
Sparing more tears and anguish pronounced.
Nurture misery not, grief ‘s plan neither abet.
Truly, it is the soul, that despairs, that must
For its benefit, to hope eternal cling…
And the heart that in distressed anguish weeps
For its own plain relief, gladness must seek.
Thus within life’s brevity meant for all things
Extend not sorrow if it adventures near, that
It may not find habitation beyond its due…
But in earnest, room make for emotions pleasant,
Because ’tis when sorrow is bid farewell
That happiness, can fulfill its means and purpose
In joy’s delight and comfort, blossom free
Residing indeed amid inner solace and peace.


YemilBenjoy Copyright


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For everything there is a purpose …
Sometimes certain things occur,
Perhaps of sudden, perhaps of not.
And are accompanied by such untold grief
That repeated contemplation deep
Offers no answers sought.
Then the grief assumes unrelenting form,
Whilst life continues without stopping a pause
To cradle the desperate mind in its despair.

Yet for that tear, a smile shall linger still…
Even though never-ending the bleakness appears,
Seek solace amidst the comforting assurance
That faith will find its way to reappear,
And when quantified, will surely multiply relief.
For the Lord who knoweth the scope of all things
Shall forever embrace thee in his grace
Surround you at all times with his love
And assuredly … will by his mighty hand ease the pain.

Yemsodu 1995 ©

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