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Benjoy’s Corner X-2

The Greater Endowment

The inestimable treasure of existence

Beyond all earthly measure, is the

Precious but limited gift of life.

Thus, it is but incumbent upon each

To nurture the bequest to the fullest

Dimension of its inherent potential

In honor of the opportunity to live.

Embrace the gift!

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Benjoy’s Corner 9 (Opportunity’s Gift)



An opportunity of a lifetime …

Is only the opportunity of the lifetime

If it is identified and recognized  as such,

Embraced and diligently pursued, and

Extracted of the fullest potential it heralds

To one’s benefit and best advantage.

YemilBenjoy Copyright October 2012

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Benjoy’s Corner (2)

The Gift

The treasure of time

Is purely inestimable.

For no earthly riches,

Can purchase moments past

Or bargain in futility the future.

Neither, can they, in vain venture

Extend the portion preordained.

Thus my friend…

With wisdom safeguard

Thine most precious blessing

Attending to it truly earnestly

And in all dimensions most prudently.

YemilBenjoy Copyright 2012

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