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How’s Enigma

The riddle of when how became how
May not be as confounding as
How simply, how became how
Or how, how manifests as how.
And may not be as troubling
As what in its essence came first.
How it evolved, or how it was once.
Or what was, before how became how, and
What transpired for how to assume how, or
What came to be, for how to develop into how.
Nonetheless, whatever the order or transpired,
What how may be now or came to be, may not
Necessarily be as important to decode as
Whether how should remain how.

YemilBenjoy ©

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The Riddle

One enigmatic aspect of this life …
May just lie within its illusive nature.
For certain, it is predestined for each
An allotted dimension with this sphere.
Without a shadow of a doubt, what is past
Lies wholly an irretrievable quota, and
Is dissipated within the winds of time,
Coupled with the continuing challenge
Of accomplishing the outstanding agenda
Within a future measure that is uncertain.

YemilBenjoy Copyright October 2012

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