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The Riddle

One enigmatic aspect of this life …
May just lie within its illusive nature.
For certain, it is predestined for each
An allotted dimension with this sphere.
Without a shadow of a doubt, what is past
Lies wholly an irretrievable quota, and
Is dissipated within the winds of time,
Coupled with the continuing challenge
Of accomplishing the outstanding agenda
Within a future measure that is uncertain.

YemilBenjoy Copyright October 2012

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Inspiring Illusion

While traversing through life’s maze
As plans are made for its undulating course,
Lest not in resolute search for the perfect
Fail to consider the trails of the unexpected.
For perfection appeareth as the real illusion.
Whilst the unexpected presents routinely
With regularity, as life’s punctuation marks,
Thereby transforming their very essence,
And perhaps mystifying the spirit refusing
To accept, the reality of their persistence.

Therefore, also prepare ardently for possibilities
As the journey continues mostly unscripted.
Letting not the desire for that fading mirage
Ruin the toil of the plan, nor deter completely
From the full measure of the accomplished,
E’en if the somewhat unanticipated does appear.

For where lieth the victory in the quest …
If perfection in truth was not but an aspiration
As it ought to be, to motivate and to inspire
The spirit to transcend the continuum of change.

YemilBenjoy Copyright 2012

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