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Diary of Enikan 2 – Visual Reality – A Grasshopper And Leaves?

 So today, while I was driving at dusk thinking about the day ahead and trying to talk to my maker, the master and creator of the universe. Suddenly, apparently out of nowhere, something darted across the road before me and that cast the dye for this written soliloquy. How wrong we are sometimes about what we believe we see. Although, we believe we know and sometimes are certain of what we think we see, in reality, probably we are not. How often erroneous assumptions pervade our consciousness and take root therein almost obliterating objectivity. Although, we hold steadfast onto particular conceptions, nonetheless it is not always a case of – it always is – therefore it is… In retrospect, how wrong I probably was, when I marveled then in unwavering certainty and jocular manner about the grasshopper that skipped across the road before the wheels of my car. I considered how extremely lucky it was, to make it across the street just in the nick of time, thankfully. I drove onward and wondered where it was coming from, where it was going. Its apparent and fleeting skipping reminded me with fond nostalgia of a song I used to sing when I was in primary school – Grasshoppers, three a fiddling went…  Singing to myself, I continued on my merry way. A short distance later, up the hill, I came upon a carpet of fallen leaves and a little gust of wind in accord with the day’s elements lifted two and caused them to skip across the road before me, almost in unison. Yes, not unexpectedly, because of the elements … but now bewilderment engulfed me. Which was playing games on me, my eyes or my mind. After prior firm belief that it was a grasshopper I had seen earlier, uncertainty now pervaded my consciousness. Hence, after observing the two leaves rise and land almost in alternating equidistant spaces across the road similar to my unforgotten grasshopper, certainty was since replaced by ambivalence, to such extent that I doubted the veracity and confidence of what I thought I had most assuredly seen a few minutes ago. Concerning the leaves, they were clear and distinct because as they crossed, the dusk was lifting, and the beam of my headlamps illuminated their forms. Consequently, without human doubt I knew, or did I deduce, that they were leaves. Was I sure about what they were because I believed undoubtedly that they were leaves, undoubtedly because I had seen them or was this somewhat a resultant deduction because I seen a carpet of fallen leaves before the two leaves in motion. Of the leaves can I now be absolutely certain. And of the first encounter  … was it a grasshopper or a leaf…

YemilBenjoy ©


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The Moon By Day

Amazing was the thought

That ’twas the moon seen that morn.

All gaze directed towards the sky,

Conviction seeking that it was the sun.

Forsooth, ’twas but indeed the moon

Up yonder in the sky clear blue.

As it lingered in the morning sky

Its presence a message of hope brought,

That boons of certain do appear, if only

We with heedful measure discern their essence

When of sudden they present in full view.

For although, the night sky its domain be,

Yet it was there, brilliant in the daylight

And oh, what a wondrous sight…

Indeed a blessing, and not in disguise

Tolling aloud, a message of pleasant assurance

That e’en if life’s pattern unchanging appear

Often a reminder comes along to boldly declare

That the exceptional in nature also doth transpire

…Thus the moon by day.

YemilBenjoy Copyright 1989.

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The Quest


Alas, amid the multitude of evolving scenes

And through the sum and schemes of life

None can make proud boast of this …

The ever perfect balance, between all forces

In constant tranquility of absolute concordance.

An all elusive mirage indeed.

For in life’s journey,

Of certain, there is no perfect script …

Thus, be not deceived to seek that fallacy.

Rather enhanced by faith, embrace real possibilities,

Explore life in full measure and with utmost integrity.

Above all, steady premium attach to private peace

For that can transcend the cascades of emotions

And transform the valleys of darkest despair,

While fortifying the soul, with courage from within

To find comfort in acceptable personal equilibrum

Sufficient to satisfy and propel the mind diligently onward.

                                                       Enduring peace I bid to you my friend …

Yemsodu Copyright 2012

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Age is as Inevitable as Time

True it is, age is similar to time
For age like time shall surely come to pass.
Although some say, in essence
That age is indeed time itself.
However ponder a beat, and consider this
Their differences aren’t too far off to see.

Age perhaps is not as elusive as time
Because age often is somehow seen
In the eager eyes of the young
And the graying hair of the old.
For though time ticks into hours and days
That would be more difficult to see.

Now, their differences seem a shade more apparent
Still worthy of note, is the transcending fact, that
The accumulation of time encompasses age.
Thus though different and yet similar
In the same breathe they may appear.
Of certain, is one thing indeed
“Age is as inevitable as time”
To that there is no doubt, my friend.

Yemsodu Copyright 1991.

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Fingers in the Wind


The crisp air continuously blowing
gaseous in form through the atmosphere…
sometimes of tones gentle and windy
causing not only the chiming of garden bells
but the blowing through garments worn
while walking across the lawn;
of course again there’s rustling of other clothes
whilst hanging amongst wooden pegs,
but once so often, comes the gust
of force enough, those clothes almost fall
as  windmill blades in motion wave
cutting plainly into the floating air.

Yet other times, tornadoes fierce gales
wind up most things within their paths,
the loud howling of intense gusts
herald the storms thundering blasts;
twisters huge among cyclones speed
noisily, crackling with velocity wild
over roof tops and across troubled plains.
Then harrowing hurricanes, spare little relief,
their havoc spreading over sodden paths
while screeching high pitched above blinding rain
as scattering debris not far behind pile high.

Then… comes gentle shaking of tree limbs
petals again softly moving in the wind
balloons afloat in the clear breeze,
in the sky soar kites different in form
keeping company of feathered birds flying on high.
Across the lawn fallen leaves blow
lifting and twirling as circles amid the air
as meadows now calmed in awe do bend
to perceive these in better span and view,
all bringing to mind, without much doubt
even if in dimensions varying, the concept
of fingers in the wind.

Yemil Benjoy
Jan ’96 ©

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