The Moon By Day

Amazing was the thought

That ’twas the moon seen that morn.

All gaze directed towards the sky,

Conviction seeking that it was the sun.

Forsooth, ’twas but indeed the moon

Up yonder in the sky clear blue.

As it lingered in the morning sky

Its presence a message of hope brought,

That boons of certain do appear, if only

We with heedful measure discern their essence

When of sudden they present in full view.

For although, the night sky its domain be,

Yet it was there, brilliant in the daylight

And oh, what a wondrous sight…

Indeed a blessing, and not in disguise

Tolling aloud, a message of pleasant assurance

That e’en if life’s pattern unchanging appear

Often a reminder comes along to boldly declare

That the exceptional in nature also doth transpire

…Thus the moon by day.

YemilBenjoy Copyright 1989.

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