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Diary of Enikan 2 – Visual Reality – A Grasshopper And Leaves?

 So today, while I was driving at dusk thinking about the day ahead and trying to talk to my maker, the master and creator of the universe. Suddenly, apparently out of nowhere, something darted across the road before me and that cast the dye for this written soliloquy. How wrong we are sometimes about what we believe we see. Although, we believe we know and sometimes are certain of what we think we see, in reality, probably we are not. How often erroneous assumptions pervade our consciousness and take root therein almost obliterating objectivity. Although, we hold steadfast onto particular conceptions, nonetheless it is not always a case of – it always is – therefore it is… In retrospect, how wrong I probably was, when I marveled then in unwavering certainty and jocular manner about the grasshopper that skipped across the road before the wheels of my car. I considered how extremely lucky it was, to make it across the street just in the nick of time, thankfully. I drove onward and wondered where it was coming from, where it was going. Its apparent and fleeting skipping reminded me with fond nostalgia of a song I used to sing when I was in primary school – Grasshoppers, three a fiddling went…  Singing to myself, I continued on my merry way. A short distance later, up the hill, I came upon a carpet of fallen leaves and a little gust of wind in accord with the day’s elements lifted two and caused them to skip across the road before me, almost in unison. Yes, not unexpectedly, because of the elements … but now bewilderment engulfed me. Which was playing games on me, my eyes or my mind. After prior firm belief that it was a grasshopper I had seen earlier, uncertainty now pervaded my consciousness. Hence, after observing the two leaves rise and land almost in alternating equidistant spaces across the road similar to my unforgotten grasshopper, certainty was since replaced by ambivalence, to such extent that I doubted the veracity and confidence of what I thought I had most assuredly seen a few minutes ago. Concerning the leaves, they were clear and distinct because as they crossed, the dusk was lifting, and the beam of my headlamps illuminated their forms. Consequently, without human doubt I knew, or did I deduce, that they were leaves. Was I sure about what they were because I believed undoubtedly that they were leaves, undoubtedly because I had seen them or was this somewhat a resultant deduction because I seen a carpet of fallen leaves before the two leaves in motion. Of the leaves can I now be absolutely certain. And of the first encounter  … was it a grasshopper or a leaf…

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Reflect Nigeria

Weep child, please.
Pray thee weep and listen not
To the renowned legend of old
Pleading to the contrary,
For that was then, an ancient legend
Of times probably dissipating for aye.
Mourn the loss, of thy cloak of heritage rich,
Squandered and pillaged beyond salvage’s reach,
By disrepair, treading in peril annihilation’s course.
While corrupted-evil, that fabric long consuming
Permeates thy garment’s threads, now bare,
Thus maintaining neither the fabric nor yarn … once grand.
In irony, the continuous passage of time
Assistance, appears to lend this disintegration,
For all adornments hard earned
And accolades acclaimed gigantic in term,
Fall off one after the other in quickened pace.
As ye calamity’s raiment encounter.
Howl, rend thy robes, don sackcloth,
Ashen thy face … weep.
Alas… belongs the past, in times past.
And now thy state tattered and tarnished
Sustaineth neither thy hapless present
least the dim hope of a future bleak.
The efforts of the stalwart past vain appear,
The present ordinarily as sustenance
the leap into the future support should.
Yet this scaffold, flimsy in substance
Its every framework plagued, crashes
Failing the future, assailing the past…
Lament aloud, lest thy forebears hear,
Seeing also thy long-suffering rush to thy aid,
Maybe saving the land , from perdition and despair
Thy heritage, from dishonour and scorn
By some miracle of old … if not, child
Weep …
Stay Tuned
Yemsodu Copyright 1995
Posted January 17, 2012

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