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Reflect Nigeria 3 Part 2

Content ye appear as mediocrity now thee assails,
Undaunted reigning supreme above all virtues good.
How soon the lustre of a splendid past fades
While eminence embraces the persistence in excellence…
Yet ye seem content to fall into oblivion
Like the water from thy “dry forsaken” taps.
Content ye must be if ye sit and watch
Thy children’s hopes cascade down hillsides.
Or prepared are thou to wait in vigil endless
For a flicker of light … as in thy light bulbs
Which alas in a twinkling disappears.
That woe thy present may not betide
Nor continued decadence thy future beguile,
That future generations may not wail in anguish
Nor mourn they the demise of the “African Giant” …
Time bids us now, all virtues excellent to assume
Beckons to the worthy, proper leadership to assume.
With hands all reforming now steadfastly on deck,
Mustering courage profound and efforts gallant,
Yielding not unto the ill wind of deterioration
But steering thyself, again into realms of grandeur
Thy present may truly supersede thy laudable past.
Clinging to hope the eternal corner stone
Ridding thyself of all plagues and declension.
Moving unwavering with resolve and rectitude,
Then striding confidently into futures dignified.
All illusions thence forward becoming realities …
Clouds dark flit away,
Revealing again … the brilliance in thy horizon.
For Reflect Nigeria 3 Part 2
Yemsodu Copyright 1994
Posted February 02 2012

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Reflect Nigeria 3 Part 1

Mayday! Mayday!
Lament Great Child of Africa.
Let none deceive ye, even in flippant jest
That ye need not lament.
Lament aloud, great child of Africa
That thy ancestors hearing thy plea,
Bestow upon thee blessings abundant
To soothe your brow and calm thy soul.
Lament not, thy greatness past
But thy fallen grace and stagnant present.
Lament more, great land as thy horizons dim
And only an illusion of the future is seen.

Deceive thyself not, as ye hopelessly retrogress
And ye lurch against the billowing wind of prosperity
While others into the blossom of splendor it blows.
Comfort take not, as ye slumber deep
The tide of good fortune ignoring thee …
Yet carrying others swiftly into futures grand
Their endeavour superlative, surpassing thine.
Alas time and tide await no one ;
Nor tarry they in vain for a tardy nation.
Do hasten child of great ancestry
Thy rightful place in the present seek to reclaim.

Even the babe born as the sun rises,
The sage hope is wiser as the sun sets.
Yet this great child of noble heritage
Fallen head first into despair deep
Finds to stand erect, arduous indeed.
In a world awaiting not even the agile
Nor keeping a vain pause for those trailing,
Thy streets are not paved with stone
Much less other gems … surely not gold.
Heed now the echoing distress call.
Perpertuate not the blemishes in thy history
And remove also the tarnish in thy armour.

Stay Tuned…
For Reflect Nigeria 3 Part 2
Yemsodu Copyright 1994
Posted January 29, 2012

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Reflect Nigeria 2

Thundering Collapse
The once sturdy walls came acrashing …
Debris of accelerated decline pile high.
Bedlam ensues, comforted in like type
By confusion tremendous in peculiarity.
The tumble of prominence past, thunderous
and far reaching awakens the sagacious and most.
Yet some in wanton indifference delight.
Poverty embraces squalor in polite company
Prosperity in turn evades many and more.
Chaos welcomes unparalleled plight.
Destruction prevails and despair accrues.
Grief unbridled, shares like fame
Thus tranquillity, the soul abandons
Whose grand ideals crumble dejected.
Thereafter, resignation in the body resides
Heralded by crushed visions of hope.
Alas soul-rending dread develops, as
Perplexity compounds the echoes of misery.
Must declension its solace here find
And enormity its continuous abode, whilst
From view life’s bountiful promise hides.
Yet from debris likewise others arose
Impediments far greater casting off,
Breaking free of age-old shackles
Crossing frontiers once thought impossible.
Thereupon their silent hopes multiplying
As near forgotten dreams assume reality
Expanding splendidly into horizons broad.
Still, pleads providence from the fallen wall,
Ignore not the script in the rubble,
Thyself now avail, plunge ye not into obscurity
For fate’s mercies store not indefinite.
Or alas ’twill be nought but tales surviving
A once illustrious existence fast fading into oblivion
That e’en history may not save from ignominy’s shame.
Stay Tuned
Yemsodu Copyright 1994
Posted January 18, 2012

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Reflect Nigeria

Weep child, please.
Pray thee weep and listen not
To the renowned legend of old
Pleading to the contrary,
For that was then, an ancient legend
Of times probably dissipating for aye.
Mourn the loss, of thy cloak of heritage rich,
Squandered and pillaged beyond salvage’s reach,
By disrepair, treading in peril annihilation’s course.
While corrupted-evil, that fabric long consuming
Permeates thy garment’s threads, now bare,
Thus maintaining neither the fabric nor yarn … once grand.
In irony, the continuous passage of time
Assistance, appears to lend this disintegration,
For all adornments hard earned
And accolades acclaimed gigantic in term,
Fall off one after the other in quickened pace.
As ye calamity’s raiment encounter.
Howl, rend thy robes, don sackcloth,
Ashen thy face … weep.
Alas… belongs the past, in times past.
And now thy state tattered and tarnished
Sustaineth neither thy hapless present
least the dim hope of a future bleak.
The efforts of the stalwart past vain appear,
The present ordinarily as sustenance
the leap into the future support should.
Yet this scaffold, flimsy in substance
Its every framework plagued, crashes
Failing the future, assailing the past…
Lament aloud, lest thy forebears hear,
Seeing also thy long-suffering rush to thy aid,
Maybe saving the land , from perdition and despair
Thy heritage, from dishonour and scorn
By some miracle of old … if not, child
Weep …
Stay Tuned
Yemsodu Copyright 1995
Posted January 17, 2012

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Occupy Nigeria Continued …x2

The removal of the subsidy is indeed the proverbial straw in the Nigerian context…

For permeating steadfastly for decades into the national fabric

As evident as day, lies the cumulative and lasting effect, of widespread corruption.

Advancing without retreat to magnified decay in all avenues of human existence.

Resulting in the unrelenting albatross, a yoke on the people who tragically bear the brunt

Of the continuum of pernicious failure in a land otherwise blessed.


Nigeria belongs to the people not a handful …

A true democracy must listen and respect the populace

Do you not hear their lamentations … LISTEN


Stay Tuned …


January 16, 2012



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Occupy Nigeria!

It is time …

For Nigerians to stand up for their country …

To emphasize that Nigeria belongs to the people not to the politicians.

To challenge the status quo and demand accountability for their nation.

May the collective efforts of the populace  lead to the emancipation of Nigeria from the ineptitude of the government.

Complacency is not the watchword of the vigilant.

Stay Tuned …


January 15, 2012

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