Reflect Nigeria 3 Part 2

Content ye appear as mediocrity now thee assails,
Undaunted reigning supreme above all virtues good.
How soon the lustre of a splendid past fades
While eminence embraces the persistence in excellence…
Yet ye seem content to fall into oblivion
Like the water from thy “dry forsaken” taps.
Content ye must be if ye sit and watch
Thy children’s hopes cascade down hillsides.
Or prepared are thou to wait in vigil endless
For a flicker of light … as in thy light bulbs
Which alas in a twinkling disappears.
That woe thy present may not betide
Nor continued decadence thy future beguile,
That future generations may not wail in anguish
Nor mourn they the demise of the “African Giant” …
Time bids us now, all virtues excellent to assume
Beckons to the worthy, proper leadership to assume.
With hands all reforming now steadfastly on deck,
Mustering courage profound and efforts gallant,
Yielding not unto the ill wind of deterioration
But steering thyself, again into realms of grandeur
Thy present may truly supersede thy laudable past.
Clinging to hope the eternal corner stone
Ridding thyself of all plagues and declension.
Moving unwavering with resolve and rectitude,
Then striding confidently into futures dignified.
All illusions thence forward becoming realities …
Clouds dark flit away,
Revealing again … the brilliance in thy horizon.
For Reflect Nigeria 3 Part 2
Yemsodu Copyright 1994
Posted February 02 2012

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