Reflect Nigeria 2

Thundering Collapse
The once sturdy walls came acrashing …
Debris of accelerated decline pile high.
Bedlam ensues, comforted in like type
By confusion tremendous in peculiarity.
The tumble of prominence past, thunderous
and far reaching awakens the sagacious and most.
Yet some in wanton indifference delight.
Poverty embraces squalor in polite company
Prosperity in turn evades many and more.
Chaos welcomes unparalleled plight.
Destruction prevails and despair accrues.
Grief unbridled, shares like fame
Thus tranquillity, the soul abandons
Whose grand ideals crumble dejected.
Thereafter, resignation in the body resides
Heralded by crushed visions of hope.
Alas soul-rending dread develops, as
Perplexity compounds the echoes of misery.
Must declension its solace here find
And enormity its continuous abode, whilst
From view life’s bountiful promise hides.
Yet from debris likewise others arose
Impediments far greater casting off,
Breaking free of age-old shackles
Crossing frontiers once thought impossible.
Thereupon their silent hopes multiplying
As near forgotten dreams assume reality
Expanding splendidly into horizons broad.
Still, pleads providence from the fallen wall,
Ignore not the script in the rubble,
Thyself now avail, plunge ye not into obscurity
For fate’s mercies store not indefinite.
Or alas ’twill be nought but tales surviving
A once illustrious existence fast fading into oblivion
That e’en history may not save from ignominy’s shame.
Stay Tuned
Yemsodu Copyright 1994
Posted January 18, 2012

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