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An Unending Gift

My gift to you is this…
I wish for you now and always
The peace of God, the foundation
And maker of the whole universe,
Which peace, exceeds the knowledge
Of mere humanity, but from within its
Boundless and sustaining essence, remains
An ever faithful impenetrable anchor
Which, calms the ripples and turbulence of life,
Transforms the sphere of human perception
Yet, assuredly provides enduring solace
And the tranquility of comforting relief
In aid of the spirit that embraces it.
YemilBenjoy © October 2012

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For everything there is a purpose …
Sometimes certain things occur,
Perhaps of sudden, perhaps of not.
And are accompanied by such untold grief
That repeated contemplation deep
Offers no answers sought.
Then the grief assumes unrelenting form,
Whilst life continues without stopping a pause
To cradle the desperate mind in its despair.

Yet for that tear, a smile shall linger still…
Even though never-ending the bleakness appears,
Seek solace amidst the comforting assurance
That faith will find its way to reappear,
And when quantified, will surely multiply relief.
For the Lord who knoweth the scope of all things
Shall forever embrace thee in his grace
Surround you at all times with his love
And assuredly … will by his mighty hand ease the pain.

Yemsodu 1995 ©

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