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Benjoy’s Corner X-7

Sound the New Refrain

Step Over It…

Whatever seeks to assail you,

Bet it of sudden or in lingering mode

                Step over it

Be it the tempest of life, so cruel

                Step over it

That disappointment of life, so unreal

                Step over it

The heart-rending betrayal, too deep

                Step over it

Whatever it is, that life

May bring to shake your core, in attempt

To eliminate tranquility and progress

That you so ardently seek,

Give it not the chance to prevail, rather

Court courage’s fierce companionship, and

My friend with utmost resolve

                Step over it indeed.

 Sound the new refrain and Step Over It!

YemilBenjoy ©

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Benjoy’s Corner x-4

Hidden Virtue

Although, natural inclination is to somewhat

Ponder on such occurrences for extended time…

Dwell not, on the shortcomings of the past,

Rather, let them instruct you for the future

Particularly towards new strategies and beginnings.

For what good is it to stagnate in irreversible tides,

When otherwise challenging circumstances, inherently,

May expand discernment to alternative options, and

Pave the pathway to brighter and greater horizons.

Stride forward not backward

YemilBenjoy ©

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Sorrow Not Beyond Sorrow’s Due

When situation occasions agony
And sorrow’s pain tends to linger on.
Forbear prolonged lamentation,
Lest in triumph it thrives and flourishes
Overcoming all avenues for joy within.
For the sorrow nurtured and kept alive
Forever as a companion tends to stays beside…
While that disposed of, in time, dissipates
Sparing more tears and anguish pronounced.
Nurture misery not, grief ‘s plan neither abet.
Truly, it is the soul, that despairs, that must
For its benefit, to hope eternal cling…
And the heart that in distressed anguish weeps
For its own plain relief, gladness must seek.
Thus within life’s brevity meant for all things
Extend not sorrow if it adventures near, that
It may not find habitation beyond its due…
But in earnest, room make for emotions pleasant,
Because ’tis when sorrow is bid farewell
That happiness, can fulfill its means and purpose
In joy’s delight and comfort, blossom free
Residing indeed amid inner solace and peace.


YemilBenjoy Copyright


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