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Benjoy’s Corner 7 (Betrayal’s Diaries -ii)

Beware of that seemingly cloaked with loyalty,

Masquerading as genuine relationships,

For within the trails of betrayal neither subsist.

Rather, they are but a dissipating mirage,

Mere pawns to be abused for want of its cause

And in the web, it aptly spins for its own survival.


YemilBenjoy September 2012

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Friendship’s Quarter

It’s more than a description of those met along
life’s sometimes undulating terrain…

It dawned upon a new venture amid life’s scenes
And came to rest among those so dear.
Perchance the encounter may be described
But maybe their paths had been bound to
Intertwine even though previously unknown
And stay much endeared from day to day.

‘Tis more than a quarter indeed.
 Much more than a weary place to rest
A tired head and body bearing life’s chances;
‘Tis the smile that greets the weakened soul
And the grace that bears affection to the door
And surrounds with terms of endearment warm.

And thus if it be chance, then ‘tis welcome.
And beckon it along the more with fortune,
Grace and happiness that stay cherished.
For the encounter it brought forth
Blossoms in the quarter it resides
For that quarter is in the heart to remain.

       More the treasure is the feeling of delight
       that friendship would find its abode with me

                                         Yemil Benjoy
                                         Christmas 1997 ©

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