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Treachery’s Ultimatum

Treachery, can aptly masquerade as

Loyal confidants attending your courts…

Thus vigilance attend to most earnestly.

Lest the schemes of deceit surprise present

At arm’s length, or in close proximity

Seeking to strike with a lethal blow,

Determined wholeheartedly to destroy.

For treachery knoweth no measure of peace

Save it supplant tranquility with ruination.

Therefore, cloak yourself in the armour of

Unwavering faith, stalwart of integrity, and

With wisdom, most cautiously guard thy ways.

YemilBenjoy Copyright September 2012

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Benjoy’s Corner 7 (Betrayal’s Diaries -ii)

Beware of that seemingly cloaked with loyalty,

Masquerading as genuine relationships,

For within the trails of betrayal neither subsist.

Rather, they are but a dissipating mirage,

Mere pawns to be abused for want of its cause

And in the web, it aptly spins for its own survival.


YemilBenjoy September 2012

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