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Benjoy’s Corner X-5

Lasting Legacy

Be thou not deceived to the contrary …

For ‘tis undoubtedly worth the investment

To safeguard that constant companion, which

Subsists with thee as you journey forward

Through the scenes and storms of life’s sequence.


Though its foundation is fashioned early, still

It is further cast, amid survival, and certainly tides.

Evolving into character distinctively defining

The core of every being, steering each conscience

Towards the conviction of that candid courage.


Therefore, forsake it not, for want of the

Hollow lure of the flawed attributes, steadfastly

Embrace it for all seasons, even though, the

Winds fiercely billow, or tranquility yet prevails, so

That in the final accounting, integrity rewards thee.

Extol all virtue!

YemilBenjoy ©

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Benjoy’s Corner 7 (Betrayal’s Diaries -ii)

Beware of that seemingly cloaked with loyalty,

Masquerading as genuine relationships,

For within the trails of betrayal neither subsist.

Rather, they are but a dissipating mirage,

Mere pawns to be abused for want of its cause

And in the web, it aptly spins for its own survival.


YemilBenjoy September 2012

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