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Reflect Nigeria – Abduction of Girls – Questions To Be Answered

When did the government know that the girls were kidnapped? Did the government know about the kidnapping 4 hours before the kidnapping occurred or after the girls had been kidnapped?

What was the action plan developed by the government to prevent the kidnapping if they were forewarned about the kidnapping?

What was the action plan developed by the government immediately after receiving news of the kidnapping? If an action plan was developed, when was it developed?

Why was there communication soon after the kidnapping conveying that the girls had been found?

When was the mission to rescue the girls activated by the government?

Did the government wait for the offer of assistance from other nations or immediately request assistance?

Did the gender of the kidnapped children play a role in the handling of the national calamity?

Are there men and women willing to resign in light of the handling of the national calamity?

Is the welfare of Nigerians important?

For the abducted girls, the inconsolable families and the distraught nation – somebody please answer these questions.

YemilBenjoy ©

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Reflect Nigeria – The Abducted Girl’s Vigil

I am a girl.
I am a human being.
I am a citizen of the world.
I have a mother who weeps for me.
I have a father who searches for me.
I have a brother and sister who do not know where I am.
I have a family bewildered by my disappearance.
For someone stole my life from me.
Took me violently from everything I knew and loved
And from all those who loved me, and brutally
Forced me into a state of no existence
Because my gender is female, and like
An object with no spirit and no name
Cast me aside for the use of others
In complete disregard for my humanity
Without a care about my dreams and hopes
And against my will and without my consent.
Am I invisible…
Can nobody hear my crying in the night.
Is the world deaf to my screaming when I am raped.
Is the world oblivious to the bleeding from my wounds.
Is the world laughing when my body is exposed and
My essence is viciously taken from me repeatedly and by many
What did I do to deserve this.
Why does humanity allow this to happen.
Is nobody listening to my wailing.
Does nobody care.
Does anybody care.
Or do you choose not to care.
Will somebody please help me.

YemilBenjoy ©

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Reflect Nigeria – Sex Trafficking’s Conspiracy of Evil  

What gives anyone the right to steal the virtue and dreams of girls, just because they are girls. To regard them as insignificant in the scheme of life, other than being considered, vessels simply for the sexual gratification of others and consequently treated with utter disdain and unbridled contempt. Why are they discarded as remnants of society, sold in the market square of horror for the delight of others, just because they are girls.  Why should some believe that they can define the role of girls and limit their expectations and truncate their aspirations?

The atrocity of the human trafficking of girls is sustained by accomplices to the conspiracy of evil. The contemptible buyers willing to purchase girls drive their reprehensible sale. Those who purchase innocence and subjugate the girls are equally as culpable as those who abduct and sell them. There is no distinction in the repugnant refrain – I did not abduct and sell, I only bought a young girl and forced her to become a sex slave. Relegating the female children of the world to lives of rape, sodomy, domination and subjugation in the back alleys of life’s existence is a blight on humanity.  This injustice must not be condoned by inaction.  Citizens of the world must continue to unite in one accord to stamp out irrevocably the scourge of sex trafficking.

YemilBenjoy ©

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Reflect Nigeria – Stop the Slave Trade of Girls

The violent kidnapping in conjunction with despicable sale and purchase of Nigerian girls are abhorrent acts not only constituting sex and human trafficking and crimes against humanity but are tantamount to the scourge of slavery requiring the continued unequivocal condemnation of the world. The help of all citizens of the world is urgently and desperately requested to rescue and return the girls to their families and homes. Above all, the world is urged to join in the concerted effort, to eradicate for all time, the blight on humanity which equates human beings to merchandise subject to sale, abuse, cruelty, degradation and exploitation.

Help us save the children of the world.

YemilBenjoy ©

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Reflect Nigeria – Find Our Treasure

Praying for the safe return of Nigeria’s 234.


Let us now in desperate and grim realization attempt to

Focus on the magnitude of the horrendous that continues

To escalate and engulf the existence in the country called Nigeria.

How can the essence of the nation survive this unrelenting onslaught…


Alas, which of the detestable will cause the collective again to demand relief.

Will it be the death trap that stretches its clutches across the expressway

Once ironically designed to provide safe passage from Ibadan to Lagos.

Or the bombings of sanctuaries of worship where many perish in services, or

Death by diseases otherwise successfully managed elsewhere around the globe.

Or the degradation of educational standards from the lack of vision to the

Continued loss of the eager youth, and profound detriment of the nation.

Or the lack of running portable water amid of the absence of electricity

The latter, resulting in high tone deafness from constant noise pollution

Generated by the fixtures of survival attempting to illuminate darkness.

Or the refuse dumps that litter the landscape like monuments to garbage,

The welcome refuge, for vermin of all description and cultures of pestilence.

Or the bombings shattering lives of the citizens embarking on life’s daily toil.

Or the unimaginable slaughter of the innocent boys seeking knowledge

Amid the school halls and classrooms where youthful vigor should flourish.


Nay, all that suffices not for a nation to suffer, for the siege on hope

Determined, took ghastly form beyond the contemplation of despair itself

And laid before us adversity intent to ravage the invaluable treasure

Of the nation, our youth, our future and promise of tomorrow…

No, the calamities unremitting continued whilst the authorities slept.

Thus the number 234, the loathsome figure now synonymous with DREAD

In a foreseeable act of abominable monstrosity, swept through a school

And inflicted more violence on the sanctity of the classrooms, where

Youthful laughter should intersect with intellectual curiosity for the

Advancement of self and to the enduring benefit of the nation.

The atrocity, sending shockwaves through the tattered and bloody fabric

Of the society, in repugnant manner, hence haunts the daily existence of a nation.


Yet, after the horror…

Where were the officials in appropriate sackcloth for lamentation.

Where was the immediate declaration of a state of mourning.

Where was the decisive proclamation deploying all measure of troops to

Embark on the mission, to rescue our future from the captors, to assure

The aghast nation, that the welfare of the people was of paramount concern.

Rather, the aftermath was laced with misrepresentation and vacillation

To the further disillusionment of the parents and disbelief of the nation.

As mothers wept and fathers gnashed their teeth, some inept officials

Charged with the responsibility of stewardship of the nation, floundered

And some could still celebrate, board jets and drink, and dared to sleep

In the comfort of homes fortified by legions that should be searching

For our girls, who in that cursed forest, no freedom nor solace can embrace.


Why should the Nigerian flag still fly.

Why are lights in state houses not dimmed.

Where are the resignations in the wake of this enormity.

Or has it escaped reason that a mammoth disaster has befallen the nation

That this, in all form of description is an unspeakable  national tragedy.

Or does their callous indifference know no bounds.

Where was the swift response to the assault on innocence.

Or do they in vain, believe the plight of the girls is nothing short of

Dehumanization, extreme hardship and unimaginable cruelty.

Do some in governance still seek to ignore the glaring obvious

Or are they so inoculated with apathy that the stark evades them.


When other nations unwavering, search for their missing and presumed dead,

Let all forcefully make bold declaration in one accord on this matter.

That the failure to prevent the dreadful and the ineptitude in its vortex

Constitute a reprehensible blot of incalculable proportions, on one nation,

Warranting scathing and persistent international condemnation, as such

Rightfully castigating the nation, found so terribly wanting and wantonly unprepared,

In its manifested lack of fortitude to search for its living, and its future,

So violently abducted from within the heart of its own territorial boundaries.


Dr. Yemisi Solanke Koya ©

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Reflect Nigeria 4 – Confuting The Temerity of Infamy


Recently, I was fortunate to read “The Canonisation Of Terror” by Professor Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate. Subsequently, on Moji Delano’s blog, I read a response by Mr. Sadiq Abacha and the scathing commentary to the response by Mr. Ayo Sogunro.

And therefore …

Confuting The Temerity Of Infamy

Certain events, do necessitate the embracing of moral indignation

To unequivocally oppose and render in decisive refutation, rebuttal

In negation of attempts to present canards and contort historical accounts

Which now, ensuing from the inevitable confluence of the underlying

Antecedents, to the candid virtue of the phenomenal communiqué

Written by the literary colossus, commendably declining an award,

Cast irreverently in commensurable measure to the callously blatant

Odyssey of trepidation under the cruel and despotic reign of a general,

With the internationally acclaimed and distinguished Master of the pen,

Causing a son to piously whitewash deplorable and irrefutable facts.


Miserable is the agenda designed to obliterate from unforgotten memory

The utterly mordant and orchestrated degradation of human existence

Conjoined brazenly with the trampling of dignity to diminutive smithereens.

Where all description of travesty ran rampant in disjointed governance

And civil rights, lay mortified and shackled without succour’s promise, to the

Odious foot of vengeful oppression, when disdainful terror ruled supreme

With its cohorts of state mandated unspeakable hangings and assassinations,

Injected with the putrescent despoliation of the repugnant autocracy,

Causing the pride of resiliency to seek retreat within the mirage of valour

While hope’s essence quivered amid the stranglehold of the abysmal vile.


Should filial retort decide to duel in words with the legendary patriot,

An estimable author, who with inexorable invigorating zeal inspires

Scholarship through the preeminent lectern of intellectual tutelage,

Whose realm of the superlative in dexterous prose, elegantly instructs

And elevated the nation beyond its geographic confines and shores.

Thence, the indefensible portrayal of the tyrannical from the audacity

Of a dictator’s kin must be adeptly sculpted in conformity with precise

Grammatical cohesion without the illogicality of self-directed ironical

Drivel, riddled with the banality of obvious erratum and unveiled jargon

In contemptuous venture to reconstruct the chronicles of the despicable.


Alas, deviously spins the connivance of the web of the tepid pejorative,

In confabulation, distastefully adorned with the paucity of verbiage

Through vacuous equation, of the valiant pinnacle of literary erudition,

To the feigned commonality of peasantry, which pitifully illuminates,

The apparent nescience concerning the impact of laudable accomplishment

And failure to assimilate the magnitude of the stature of the Nobel Laureate,

Towards the immeasurable legacy of the enlightenment of discerning minds,

Is hideously evocative, of the ignominious tempest of the nefarious syndicate 

Wherein the nurturing of advancement was bound shamelessly as hostage

In the dark and suffocating dungeons of the vandalism of absolute power.


Forsooth, woven narrative must never eradicate the plurality of atrocities

That dreadfully exacerbated the malicious persecution under the regime.

Repudiation must arise ramrod to beckon yet painful reminiscence,

Wretchedly and so forcefully etched indifferently into the societal memoirs

Whereby, liberty crouched vanquished under subjugation’s polished boots

And fear wantonly roamed unbridled, cloaked in garments of abuse, while

Incendiary devices, on land and in air, with other apparatus of the putrid

Perpetuated the malevolence of monstrous brutality interspersed deeply in

The quagmire, notorious for its horrendous propensity for retribution, that

Lacerated souls wept, and made incessant supplication for divine relief.


Indeed, a nation must vociferously disavow the recidivism of infamy

With bold solidarity, join in outright and unvarnished condemnation

Of the villainous repression that stood, mangled with abject hopelessness,

In concerted effort to eviscerate forever the demoralized core of optimism.

Lest, personification of the scourge in jest don prestigious camouflage

Within the habitation of honour and the aspiration of expectant progress

And parade unchallenged to the continued disillusionment of the weary.

Thus, the country’s annals must in proper measure, apportion to disrepute

The stigma of untainted reproach, to safeguard vigilance in ardently averting

For the ages, the unpalatable resurgence of the fury of unmitigated decadence.



That all hope, not lie mortally incapacitated on the battlefield of conscience

Where in its stead, in the aftermath of the unconscionable, the reviled

Assume but again, the pedestal of depravity, as such, let us endeavour to recall

With vivid clarity, that which relentlessly haunts our national recollection,

And faithfully commit to notify the present and generations yet to come.


Dated this 9th day of March, 2014

Dr. ‘Yemisi Solanke Koya, Esq. ©

Golden Poet



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Reflect Nigeria 3 Part 2

Content ye appear as mediocrity now thee assails,
Undaunted reigning supreme above all virtues good.
How soon the lustre of a splendid past fades
While eminence embraces the persistence in excellence…
Yet ye seem content to fall into oblivion
Like the water from thy “dry forsaken” taps.
Content ye must be if ye sit and watch
Thy children’s hopes cascade down hillsides.
Or prepared are thou to wait in vigil endless
For a flicker of light … as in thy light bulbs
Which alas in a twinkling disappears.
That woe thy present may not betide
Nor continued decadence thy future beguile,
That future generations may not wail in anguish
Nor mourn they the demise of the “African Giant” …
Time bids us now, all virtues excellent to assume
Beckons to the worthy, proper leadership to assume.
With hands all reforming now steadfastly on deck,
Mustering courage profound and efforts gallant,
Yielding not unto the ill wind of deterioration
But steering thyself, again into realms of grandeur
Thy present may truly supersede thy laudable past.
Clinging to hope the eternal corner stone
Ridding thyself of all plagues and declension.
Moving unwavering with resolve and rectitude,
Then striding confidently into futures dignified.
All illusions thence forward becoming realities …
Clouds dark flit away,
Revealing again … the brilliance in thy horizon.
For Reflect Nigeria 3 Part 2
Yemsodu Copyright 1994
Posted February 02 2012

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