Reflect Nigeria 4 – Confuting The Temerity of Infamy


Recently, I was fortunate to read “The Canonisation Of Terror” by Professor Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate. Subsequently, on Moji Delano’s blog, I read a response by Mr. Sadiq Abacha and the scathing commentary to the response by Mr. Ayo Sogunro.

And therefore …

Confuting The Temerity Of Infamy

Certain events, do necessitate the embracing of moral indignation

To unequivocally oppose and render in decisive refutation, rebuttal

In negation of attempts to present canards and contort historical accounts

Which now, ensuing from the inevitable confluence of the underlying

Antecedents, to the candid virtue of the phenomenal communiqué

Written by the literary colossus, commendably declining an award,

Cast irreverently in commensurable measure to the callously blatant

Odyssey of trepidation under the cruel and despotic reign of a general,

With the internationally acclaimed and distinguished Master of the pen,

Causing a son to piously whitewash deplorable and irrefutable facts.


Miserable is the agenda designed to obliterate from unforgotten memory

The utterly mordant and orchestrated degradation of human existence

Conjoined brazenly with the trampling of dignity to diminutive smithereens.

Where all description of travesty ran rampant in disjointed governance

And civil rights, lay mortified and shackled without succour’s promise, to the

Odious foot of vengeful oppression, when disdainful terror ruled supreme

With its cohorts of state mandated unspeakable hangings and assassinations,

Injected with the putrescent despoliation of the repugnant autocracy,

Causing the pride of resiliency to seek retreat within the mirage of valour

While hope’s essence quivered amid the stranglehold of the abysmal vile.


Should filial retort decide to duel in words with the legendary patriot,

An estimable author, who with inexorable invigorating zeal inspires

Scholarship through the preeminent lectern of intellectual tutelage,

Whose realm of the superlative in dexterous prose, elegantly instructs

And elevated the nation beyond its geographic confines and shores.

Thence, the indefensible portrayal of the tyrannical from the audacity

Of a dictator’s kin must be adeptly sculpted in conformity with precise

Grammatical cohesion without the illogicality of self-directed ironical

Drivel, riddled with the banality of obvious erratum and unveiled jargon

In contemptuous venture to reconstruct the chronicles of the despicable.


Alas, deviously spins the connivance of the web of the tepid pejorative,

In confabulation, distastefully adorned with the paucity of verbiage

Through vacuous equation, of the valiant pinnacle of literary erudition,

To the feigned commonality of peasantry, which pitifully illuminates,

The apparent nescience concerning the impact of laudable accomplishment

And failure to assimilate the magnitude of the stature of the Nobel Laureate,

Towards the immeasurable legacy of the enlightenment of discerning minds,

Is hideously evocative, of the ignominious tempest of the nefarious syndicate 

Wherein the nurturing of advancement was bound shamelessly as hostage

In the dark and suffocating dungeons of the vandalism of absolute power.


Forsooth, woven narrative must never eradicate the plurality of atrocities

That dreadfully exacerbated the malicious persecution under the regime.

Repudiation must arise ramrod to beckon yet painful reminiscence,

Wretchedly and so forcefully etched indifferently into the societal memoirs

Whereby, liberty crouched vanquished under subjugation’s polished boots

And fear wantonly roamed unbridled, cloaked in garments of abuse, while

Incendiary devices, on land and in air, with other apparatus of the putrid

Perpetuated the malevolence of monstrous brutality interspersed deeply in

The quagmire, notorious for its horrendous propensity for retribution, that

Lacerated souls wept, and made incessant supplication for divine relief.


Indeed, a nation must vociferously disavow the recidivism of infamy

With bold solidarity, join in outright and unvarnished condemnation

Of the villainous repression that stood, mangled with abject hopelessness,

In concerted effort to eviscerate forever the demoralized core of optimism.

Lest, personification of the scourge in jest don prestigious camouflage

Within the habitation of honour and the aspiration of expectant progress

And parade unchallenged to the continued disillusionment of the weary.

Thus, the country’s annals must in proper measure, apportion to disrepute

The stigma of untainted reproach, to safeguard vigilance in ardently averting

For the ages, the unpalatable resurgence of the fury of unmitigated decadence.



That all hope, not lie mortally incapacitated on the battlefield of conscience

Where in its stead, in the aftermath of the unconscionable, the reviled

Assume but again, the pedestal of depravity, as such, let us endeavour to recall

With vivid clarity, that which relentlessly haunts our national recollection,

And faithfully commit to notify the present and generations yet to come.


Dated this 9th day of March, 2014

Dr. ‘Yemisi Solanke Koya, Esq. ©

Golden Poet



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  1. YO

    Golden Poet, I am very impressed with your response. I hope it gets the attention it deserves.

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