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Elevated Relevancy

We are all elements within the greater cause.

Therefore, we must seek and find our roles

And points of positive connection with others,

Towards the dignified respect of, and certainly

For the advancement of the cause of humanity.

Your actions count!

YemilBenjoy ©

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Disappointment’s Virtue

Disappointment, yet may transform into a motivator.
If it is viewed beyond what it ordinarily portends,
And is earnestly assessed for the accompanying lessons,
Thus yielding much introspection leading to circumspection.
Resulting in determination to advance forward, navigate renewed
To embrace new horizons, fortified and much wiser still.

YemilBenjoy Copyright October 2012

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Benjoy’s Corner (5)

Inherent in the essence of life’s constant motion

Is the constancy of change, second after second

No moment is in complete dimension,

The same as the past, present or future…

Therefore, as the changing times of existence

May accumulate into centuries of progress,

Earnestly regard change as part of human enterprise

Thus, make it count on your behalf…

And not as an obstacle.



YemilBenjoy Copyright August 2012

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