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Benjoy X-9

Onward March

Do not dwell on the past

If peradventure it lies

Tinged with the aftermath

Of heavy tribulation.

Rather, look steadily ahead to

The promise of the future.

For such past, remains unchanged

And within the confines of the bygone.

Yet, the future portends possibilities.

Thus, focus on the rainbows of your life

Not on the clouds in the fading distance.

Nay, expand your horizons, and aspire

Towards all potential amid the future.

 Look forward!

 YemilBenjoy ©

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Benjoy’s Corner (Immutable Change)

The element of life that alters not

Is the steadfast immutability of change,

Thus, if it pervades through life with known constancy,

‘Twill be improvident, if in the pursuit of life, change is

Not anticipated, earnestly prepared for, and adapted to.


YemilBenjoy Copyright October 2012






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Benjoy’s Corner (5)

Inherent in the essence of life’s constant motion

Is the constancy of change, second after second

No moment is in complete dimension,

The same as the past, present or future…

Therefore, as the changing times of existence

May accumulate into centuries of progress,

Earnestly regard change as part of human enterprise

Thus, make it count on your behalf…

And not as an obstacle.



YemilBenjoy Copyright August 2012

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