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Benjoy’s Corner X-3

The Essence of Existence

Thus what is the true worth of

The travails of human existence …

Nought, but the ultimate inheritance

Of the blessed assurance of everlasting life

Through the perfect and absolute

Redemption of our Lord, Jesus Christ

Without which, no real value is added

To the fragility of this mortality.

Seek ye eternal salvation.

YemilBenjoy  ©

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Benjoy’s Corner 6

The opportunity of a lifetime

Always, may not present itself

In the adornment of riches.

Nay, it may yet be revealed

Within the simplicity of the richness

Of other dimensions which earnestly attach

Value to life beyond calculated wealth.

Therefore, my friend attend to vigilance

That ye may recognize that bountiful boon

And open the door to fully embrace it

When it knocks in whatever form…

To transform your journey for the better.


YemilBenjoy Copyright August 2012

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