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Contentment’s Motivation

Do not sacrifice the laurels you earned
Through hard work and sweat equity
For want of dreams that have not yet
Come to pass, rather treasure that
Which reflect the reward of your earnest
Effort, and use them without any reservation to
Motivate and propel you to the goal of enriching
Your gift of life and that of others, and therefrom
Find contentment, which in itself will supplant
The void of unrealized dreams with hope
Which in time will yield the bounty of peace.

YemilBenjoy ©



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Progress Indeed

Progress is a watchword of the vigilant
For its essence inspires the spirit through
Rightful recognition of the accomplished,
And thus rewards toil and steadfastness in
Tangible account and visible dimension.

Therefore, my friend make not small delight
Of continuous propulsion through life’s maze.
For advancement surely supersedes stagnation.
Nay, not only embrace what thou hath completed
Regard it as springboard for inspiration and the future.

Much good luck!
YemilBenjoy Copyright August 2012

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