Apart No More

Father, I close my eyes and there you are

Ever so real…

Eyes still closed, I reach out towards you

And I can touch you …

You smile, and I smile back as I cherish every moment,

Not wanting to let go, not wanting to open my eyes

But in time, eyes open,  and no longer can I hold you

In the confluence of the subconscious and memories.

Though time has flown by, ironically, it has  stood still

For the anguish, remains harshly acute and the loss irreparable

As on that awful day, alas, we bid the dreaded farewell.

Yet, I cling  unto the faith of the great salvation

That when all time here shall of certain cease, and in

Everlasting triumph over death, free of sorrow’s pain

We actually reunite, at last, in the heavenly realm

It will be forever and to be parted no more, amen.


Rest In Peace

Professor Emeritus Toriola Feisetan Solanke

March 9, 1930 to September 18, 2001


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  1. YO

    Stunningly accurate.

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