Be age time or time age.
Pray thee answer me.
Forsooth, bother me not.
Be time age or age time…
Now pray thee, I knoweth not.
For the collection of time comprises of age
And endless ages make up time.

So which be which.
Be age older than time
Or time more aged than age.
Forsooth, constrain me not
For contained in life are aged ages,
And within life are ancient times.
But alas, for mortals all things shall certainly
Pass away, be it age, time or life itself.

So why ponder in vain venture,
Or in unending perplexity wonder still,
Whether, age be time, or time be age.
Forsooth, worry me no more.
Let us presently within this life, live assiduously,
Faithfully embracing our gift of age and time
Before all things here surely ebb away.

YemilBenjoy  Copyright 1995.


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