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Solace Unlimited

When the tempests of life surge
And appear really determined
To overwhelm the desperate soul.
Seek courage in Him who has
Been faithful through the ages,
The Ancient of days, the Almighty
And one True God, in whom
Unlimited power abounds, and
For whom the impossible
Does not exist, for His peace
And His mercy are more than
Abundant to provide sufficient
Solace for all your needs.

YemilBenjoy ©



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Almighty God of All the Earth

Almighty God of all the earth
Thy wonders ceaseth not.
In all thy majesty I pray
Ye hear me when I call.

Forgive me all my sins my Lord.
Forgive me all I’ve done.
Please wash me with the blood of Christ
And sanctify my soul.

I struggle deep with the pains of life.
I wrestle in my faith, but do believe, and
Still hold firmly within my frame
That Christ saves, and will come again.

Empower me with thy strength, oh God.
Embrace me fully in thy love,
That when the strife of life doth come
Within thy grace, I’ll always walk.

And at last, when that fated Rubicon I cross,
When in awe, thy blessed face I see
That I’ll sing on high with all thy saints
Thank God, earth’s life wasn’t in vain.


YemilBenjoy Copyright 1995

Revised August 21, 2012

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