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Promise Anew

And although, the dawn of the new year is now but a memory,
As the year itself, unrestrained by time, embarks on its own course
Through the passage of each minute, towards the fulfillment
Of its own destiny within the global enterprise of existence,
The dawn of hope never eclipses or fades into the oblivion of time
Rather, with the unfolding of each precious moment, lies renewed
Promise that knows no bounds and springs to inspire one and all…
Therefore, seize it and maximize its potential to fit your purpose.

Happy New 2015.

YemilBenjoy ©


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Benjoy’s Corner 11 (Time’s Passage)

Make earnest account of the time bequeathed ye.
For moments past, fade dim, are no longer tangible,
Can only relived through the realm of recollection
And avail you not in the extension of your days.

YemilBenjoy Copyright October 2012

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