Reflect Nigeria – Weep Child


Weep child, please,

Pray thee weep, and listen not

To the renowned lore of old

Pleading to the contrary… I say, weep.

For that was then, a legend,

Of times gone for aye.

Mourn thy loss, of thine cloak of heritage rich, almost

Squandered and pillaged beyond salvage’s reach

By wanton treading in peril, and annihilation’s course.

While corrupted evil, thy fabric long-consuming

Permeates thy anguished garment’s threads, now bare

Thus, maintaining neither the fabric nor yarn … once grand.

In irony, the continuous passage of time

Assistance, appears to aid this awful disintegration,

For all adornments hard earned, since plundered

And accolades, acclaimed gigantic in term

Fall off, one after the other, in quickened pace

As ye, calamity’s raiment steadfastly encounter.

Howl, rend thy robes, don sackcloth,

Ashen thy face … weep.

Alas, belongs the past in times past

Such that, as tattered and the tarnished

Sustaineth not, even the present poor,

Least the hope, of a future, now bleak.

The efforts of the stalwart past vain appear.

The present as sustentation, the leap

Into the future support should lend.

Yet, this scaffold, now flimsy in substance and ailing

Its very framework rotten and plagued, crashes

Failing the future, assailing the past.

Wail for now thou doth reside within the utter and

Scandalous waste of resources and drift of talent, to

Wade nose-deep amid the rubble of desperate deterioration,

Choking on the rancid garbage of ineptitude, strewn forth

By the utter abdication of governance, leaving behind

Tormented citizenry in the ruins of a contaminated realm.

Lament aloud, lest your noble forebears hear, and

Seeing also thy long-suffering rush to thy aid,

Saving the land, from perdition and flaming despair

Thy heritage, from dishonour and scorn

By some miracle of old…if not, child


Dr. Yemisi Solanke Koya Esq., aka Yemil Benjoy

First Edition written on the 17th day of July 1995

Amended Edition written on the 17th day of November 2022

As an assailed Nigeria struggles still…

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