Amid the sum and scheme of one’s life…

Of certain, wilt there be splendid delight and the peaks of hope

And without a doubt, challenges and the valleys of despair

Have punctuated the course of humanity since its inception.

Thus, ’tis the aggregate of the individual’s courses within their apportioned time

That eventually makes the entirety of the life here spent, on this terrestrial terrain,

With each phase, bearing its own particular purpose and impact on living and existence.

Thus, it is incumbent on each, to nonetheless, learn from the challenges arising

But certainly accentuate the positive while cherishing the treasured moments.

For each aspect, lends uniqueness to the cumulative measure, each life lives,

An acceptance of which, may thus aid the progression of the pilgrimage indeed.


Yemil Benjoy (c) – This 29th December of 2019

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