The Response Again


A Deflection of Poisonous Arrows:


That silence so golden be not misconstrued

That proper comportment be not misjudged

A time cometh when dignity of response is opportune

When the boundary of human decency is crossed

As pathological obsession in absurdity rants

And civility so recklessly abandoned

Rears again in over a half-century’s constant viciousness

Unchecked by self-restraint and logical reasoning


Thence shall it be in defence of heritage

That the taciturn voice shall be raised

For if apparent longevity deludes any

About the inevitable end, let none be deceived

For the Redeemer hath apportioned to each

But a limited time in this life

And an eternity with the shroud…



Let all who know draw nigh

And all not privy approach in concord

To reflect on these…

Neither Snigger Nor Smile

Let no man snigger nor smile

When occasion in the Creator’s hands

Calleth home to glory the righteous

Where this cold earth holds no significance

In time nor with matters of toil

And those accounted days given unto each

Have been remarkably spent

And to our Lord’s prepared banquet

Such at God’s will is chosen to attend


Let none cackle nor in idle contemplation speak

When the celestial realm heralds

Those who have dutifully answered the call

And in Abraham’s bosom eternally dwell

Amid the overflowing balm of Gilead

Untouched by the incessant storms on this terrain

Where human mockery accompanied by taunting, and

False earthly words spoken or endlessly printed

And circulated, amount but to vapours of nothingness

The crusade of the vitriolic has evidently failed

For endless love to the chagrin of the ill will

Has so defeated the vendetta both in life and death

That vindictive efforts hence wallow and degenerate

Into the depths of an abyss of sheer malevolence

As an absolutely despicable attack

On the dearly departed…still part of

This relentless persecution of a union of two beloved

Abundantly blessed by the Almighty


If malcontent is found in the campaign of objectionable evil

Beware…none who vainly in mortal attempt assails

Those exalted to the heavenly realm prevails

Neither shall the continuous verbal garbage

Over five decades, should it last one century or more

Cause a miniscule dent in the armour of victorious lives…

For no battle against the faithful in God prospers

Or triumphs ever over the risen in Christ

For nothing, even death hath victory over the resurrection

Enough is Enough is Enough…

That the question may not be asked:

Where are his offspring in defence of his name?

Here we are…


Written by

Dr. Yemisi Koya “et al” ©

“Golden Poet”

M.B.B.S., LL.B., BL, MPH (Hopkins), J.D., Esq.

First Child of

Late Professor Emeritus Toriola Feisetan Solanke

CONL (Senegal) &

Chief ‘Folake Solanke, SAN

First Lady SAN

Dated this 12th day of December 2003



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